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McNamara Lowe, Amanda (Author)
Education : Home Schooling
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Stretch & Catch Words is an easy meth more ...

Stretch & Catch Words is an easy method developed by Amanda McNamara Lowe, M.Ed to help all children learn to read in just 10 minutes a day. Whether your child excels in school or needs additional help, the Stretch & Catch Method will teach your child to read. Stretch & Catch Words is an innovative, developmentally appropriate method designed to enable everyone from the concerned parent/ caregiver to the professional educator, help teach a child how to read using this easy guide.

This book is meant for children of all levels. All children, including children with learning difficulties or disabilities can benefit from this 10 minute a day approach.

In order to teach a child to read, the child must understand how words work. By teaching your child Stretch & Catch Words, they will use many of their senses to see how words are formed. That combined with The Word List Words (high frequency words) can create a reader in any child.

"Stretch & Catch has helped my 5 year old learn to read. In only 10 minutes a day, I was able to teach my daughter, using a tactile approach, how to see patterns within words. This technique helps her decode words while reading. What I love about this program is that we could do it on the go. There are many days that we Stretch & Catch words on our way to and from preschool. I found this program to be very flexible and easy to follow. The TWL words that go along with this program, have also improved her fluency. I recommend all parents help their child learn to read by using this easy to follow program."

Kathryn Fracci (mother of a preschooler who uses Stretch & Catch)

"Our son, Luke, was diagnosed with a speech impairment at age two. At the end of his first grade year, he was identified as reading below grade level therefore, his IEP was updated to include reading support. During his second grade year, Luke's reading level did not improve. My husband and I knew that although his reading level is low, Luke is a very bright child. What do you do with a very bright child, testing out of the fourth and fifth grade level in many areas, who simply cannot read? This realization led me to contact Amanda Lowe. She explained her Stretch and Catch method, and for the first time I felt like we had hope-an answer. After two sessions, Luke scored 100% on a spelling test! I truly believe that the Stretch and Catch philosophy will help students with a variety of academic challenges, achieve success. Luke is now on the right path!"

Rich & Samantha Schaedler (parents of 2nd grade child who uses Stretch & Catch)

"Stretch & Catch has taught my daughter to look for patterns within words. It has also improved her writing fluency and accuracy in all content areas."

Kristen Healy (mother of 5th grade child who uses Stretch & Catch)

"Stretch & Catch has really helped me to improve my spelling. Writing is much easier because I am able to spell everything correctly!"

Lorraine Healy (5th grader who uses Stretch & Catch)

"This developmental, step-by-step program is simple yet amazingly effective! In just minutes a day, parents can help their children develop the reading skills and confidence they need to succeed in today's classroom!"

Suzette Firehammer (Mother of six children, Former teacher and administrator; Solon Schools)

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