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The American Dream and What We Must Do to Secure Our Children's Dreams

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Modleski, Matthew (Author)
Self-Help : Motivational & Inspirational
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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For most, 'to live the dream' is often j more ...
For most, 'to live the dream' is often just a laughable expression we use to describe our temporary good fortune. Not with Matt Modleski. When you read his book, you will see just how real this man lived not only his dream, but lived every day to make himself, his organization and his country better than it was the day before. Matt and I were USAF fighter pilots together, training and flying demanding missions in Europe and Southwest Asia. The excitement of flying fighters, the courage required to do it effectively, and Matt's pursuit to be the best, are all here in The American Dream. Matt also passionately reflects his insightful look at our country today. He offers a most valuable and much needed review and an eye-opening process that defines a needed course of action for our Nation. Matt shows how putting emphasis on accountability will not only "right the ship," but get our country back on course and the path our Founders intended. Reading this personal and extremely thought-provoking memoir will leave you motivated and energized. It is a great story of a modern-day American Patriot - one who is not just waving the flag, but is carrying it!
Bill Rial
Colonel, USAF (Ret)

In 1980 when Matt "Mods" Modleski joined the Air Force, less than 100 Americans had served as Thunderbird demonstration pilots. In The American Dream you'll learn about Matt's journey to join them. See how a small town boy from a working middle class family, had the audacity to dream big, and rose from the enlisted ranks to fly as a Thunderbird pilot! You'll follow Matt though the mischievous adventures of his youth, and see firsthand an unwavering persistence to overcome obstacles. But Matt's journey doesn't stop there. And in the second half of this book, you'll learn about his dream for the America he wants to leave to our children and grand children. It's a big dream, built on the core American values of Family, Faith, Competitive Spirit, Perseverance and Accountability. Whether you're joining Matt in the cockpit of his F-16, or navigating through his vision of the way forward for America, you'll be happy you decided to ride along!
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