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Congress of Wo/men: Religion, Gender, and Kyriarchal Power

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Schüssler Fiorenza, Elisabeth (Author)
  • Social Science : Feminism & Feminist Theory
  • Social Science : Women's Studies - General
  • Religion : General
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Reframing Ideas about Feminist Theory more ...

Reframing Ideas about Feminist Theory and Theology for the 21st Century

In Congress of Wo/men: Religion, Gender, and Kyriarchal Power, leading feminist scholar Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza challenges the tendency in feminist theory to leave behind religion—a space of struggle, resistance, and social transformation—as a place for feminist politics. She also confronts the tendency of religious feminists to view women as if they are all the same, or to limit them to complementary roles with men. Presenting an alternative vision for global justice within the landscape of neoliberal kyriarchy, Schüssler Fiorenza calls upon religious and non-religious feminists to engage in transformation through struggle, friendship, and community. Further, this groundbreaking book’s final chapter opens up the discussion for future feminist work, drawing the reader into an imagined community of feminist readers with whom the reader can agree or disagree, but nevertheless struggle alongside to imagine a more just world.

"Congress of Wo/men is an original contribution to critical feminist the*ologies and studies in religion as the*political sites of struggle for radical democracy and justice. The great value of this book is its witness to the striving of ekklesia wo/men for the kosmopolis of wo/men in an age of kyriarchal globalization. Congress of Wo/men is at the cutting edge of feminist the*logical work and will be crucial reading for those dreaming of a world of love for all, without domination, poverty, or oppression." -Namsoon Kang, Professor of Theology and Religion, Brite Divinity School


"Amidst neoliberal globalization, Schussler Fiorenza declares that the social force of religions must be devoted to promoting hope, justice, and well-being for all. She sees religion as an ethical-political space for imagination and change and rightly advocates for closer collaboration between feminist the*logy, theory, and movements. More expansively, Congress of Wo/men offers an exciting vision of feminism working in greater solidarity with social justice activists, religious leaders, and community builders to transform global kyriarchal powers." -Maria Pilar Aquino, Professor of Theology and Religion, University of San Diego

About the Author:

Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza is the Krister Stendahl Professor at Harvard Divinity School and founding coeditor of the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion. She is past President of the Society of Biblical Literature, and was elected to the Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2001. Her influential works include: In Memory of Her: A Feminist Theological Reconstruction of Christian Origins; Jesus: Miriam’s Child, Sophia’s Prophet: Critical Issues in Feminist Christology; Rhetoric and Ethic: The Politics of Biblical Studies; and Democratizing Biblical Studies: Toward an Emancipatory Educational Space.

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