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The Digital Battle: Cyber Security

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Lida, (Author)
  • Architecture : Security Design
  • Computers : Cybernetics
  • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Finance / Financial Risk Management
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Playing A Game…. And Don&rsquo more ...

Playing A Game…. And Don’t Know the Cyber Security Rules.  

Networking in the form of internet, extranet, intranet, and virtual private network (vpn) has opened many doors for businesses. No longer is commerce inhibited by time zones or geographic locations to conduct financial transactions. Cyberspace affords businesses enormous revenue opportunities with reduced associated costs. All that is necessary for customers to make online purchases is internet availability and connectivity, an internet of things (IoT) digital media (i.e. laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc), and a method of payment (i.e. bank account, credit card debit card, etc). The problem resonates from the protection of your personal identifiable information (PII) during authentication and validation processes.   

The Digital Battle: Cyber Security is an attempt to assist consumers by protecting their PII, trade secrets, and critical infrastructure from compromise. To prevent exploitation, consumers need vigilance paired with knowledge. Using strategies of cyber security outlined in the three domains within this book, readers can gain the tools they need to succeed. Be Ready, cover your Defenses, and take the Offensive with Cyber Warfare Tactics.


Malida “Lida” Ihekwoaba is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, currently living in Augusta, Georgia. She is a veteran and retiree from the United States Army as a Signal Corps officer. Lida has served the United States Armed Forces for over twenty-four years in areas of telecommunications, information technology, information security, and cyber security. Lida has held several leadership positions within information security and has a profound grasp of cyber security. She has more than twenty-nine years of experience and education in information technology (IT), information security, and telecommunications, sixteen-plus years of experience in supervisory, administrative, and management of personnel and communication security equipment, and thirteen-plus years of experience and training in information assurance / cyber security. Malida holds six scholastic degrees (two Associates of Arts, two Bachelors of Science, a Master of Arts, and a Master of Divinity) and currently pursuing a Doctor of Information Assurance.

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