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The Millennials' Money: Why the next power generation CAN afford to build a better world

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Alt, J.D. (Author)
Business & Economics : Economics - Macroeconomics
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Today's Millennials are the first gen more ...

Today's Millennials are the first generation in modern history to approach political power in a true era of sovereign fiat money. Why is an architect explaining the extraordinary importance of this fact? Two reasons: First, because modern fiat money, as J.D. ALT explains in his introduction, is not a new economic theory but, instead, merely a poorly visualized reality. This book rectifies that problem with a series of simple and instructive "architectural" diagrams that make the surprising "logic" of fiat money both visible and understandable. Second, as he goes on to make clear, at its heart fiat money is about building and creating things as a collective society-real, tangible, concrete things that can dramatically improve the sustainability and prosperity of society for each of its members. Focusing on four major challenges facing the Millennials as they come to power in the U.S.-Education, Retirement, Employment, and Global Climate Change-he then explores and imagines, with an architect's eye for structure and process, how understanding and managing modern fiat money can change the narrative about what America can, in fact, afford to undertake and accomplish.

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