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Bruce, James Michael (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Publish Date:
Conway Twitty Freeman was an impressiona more ...
Conway Twitty Freeman was an impressionable young boy who thought he was achicken. Doil Pettyjohn was a donkey ball promotin' bootlegger and monkey ranchshowman, who wanted to adopt him. The Reverend 'Booger' Dalrymple was acrusading charlatan that wanted to build a television ministry around him. Hisalleged father, a notorious but highly successful chicken fighter, in cahoots withthe Preacher's voluptous ex-wife, wanted to abduct him, and a sexually confusedHollywood actress wanted to film it all. Somebody was bound to be disappointed.

Born and raised in Anniston, and later, Sand Mountain, Alabama, amongst thecharismatic preachers, bootleggers and chicken fighters that were the inspirationfor the characters, and the locale of this offering. Lyricist and wanderingdrummist, most recently with W.R. (Bud) Thornton and the Boxmasters, andUnknown Hinson,The King of Country Western Troubadours, has traveled andperformed all over North America, done a little TV and radio. Moved to try hishand at full length fiction by an eerily prophetic statement written on thebathroom wall in a recording studio in Muscle Shoals; "Here I sit, broken hearted,wrote a hit that never charted."
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