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Thomas-Plunk, Diane (Author)
Fiction : Short Stories (single author)
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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<p>Opal Pratt shuns confrontati more ...

<p>Opal Pratt shuns confrontation like a yard dog shuns a skunk. You’ll see her in 1950s rural Mississippi as a plain, reclusive spinster. She’s not afraid of people. She just avoids them. Yet, when push comes to the inevitable shove, she comes through – though perhaps reluctantly – for those she loves. In this collection, you’ll also meet the stripper, the pregnant teenager, the immigrant Baptist preacher, Opal’s only suitor, the county sheriff and his nearly out-of-control deputy, the blind shopkeeper, and Opal’s young friend, Billy. Step into Opal’s world where you will both cry for her and cheer her.</p>


<p>A Pushcart Prize nominee, Thomas-Plunk was also recognized by NPR when her entry was designated a “favorite” in their Three-Minute Fiction contest. Her story, “Cassie’s Chair,” was recently a fi nalist in the Nivalis 2016 short fi ction competition. Another of her stories, previously published online by Steel Toe Review, was selected for the journal’s annual print edition. More than a dozen of Thomas-Plunk’s short stories and poetry have appeared in Deep South Magazine, Belle Reve Literary Journal, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Steel Toe Review and China Grove Magazine.</p>

<p>Thomas-Punk was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, the cultural, commercial and social head of the Mississippi Delta. She and her husband now reside in north Mississippi.</p>

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