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Soldier Boy: An Autobiography-The Diary of a Soldier in War

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Valentine, Christopher R. (Author)
Biography & Autobiography : Military
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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A Long Time Ago in a War Far Away was a more ...
A Long Time Ago in a War Far Away was a Soldier Boy, this is his story: Experience the life of a young Army pilot flying a Huey helicopter during the Vietnam War. Flying a helicopter was a dream come true, however, the excitement was tempered by the enemy's bullets he frequently faced during his combat missions, and the loss of so many of his fellow pilots. Learn how he changes from a young Soldier into a battle-hardened veteran, and the impact of his wartime experiences over the following 40 plus years of his life. He comes to grips with events and his personality changes during this period and is ultimately diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This story will wreak havoc with your emotions as you come to grips with the good and bad emotions Soldiers experience during war. You will gain a better appreciation of the sacrifices endured by young Soldiers as they perform their duties under the most adverse conditions. Soldier Boy will give you a taste of battle and a roller-coaster ride of emotions that will leave you with a profound sense of gratitude for all Soldiers and the jobs they do for their country. This is a young Soldier's story; his story; and he invites you to share his experiences.
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