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From "Am I?" to "I Am!": Teachings From Beyond the Veil - Volume III

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Bentley, Jack (Author)
Body, Mind & Spirit : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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The purpose of all Jack Bentley's books more ...
The purpose of all Jack Bentley's books is to encourage readers to seek their truth from within their own consciousness; their own deeper self, from the Anointing within who is the Source of All-That-Is. Jack's third book takes us further into the world of spiritual ascension. He teaches us that "we must come to understand that there is a sphere or veil which presently hides the deeper truth from us. We must find a way to penetrate this veil and get to the deeper truth. That can be done only from within our deeper self-the all-knowing genius that resides within, our Father, the Source of All-That-Is."

Jack Bentley (Carl J. Bentley) was born in Plainfield, New Jersey, to a dairy farmer and his wife. From an early age, Jack learned the hard work and values associated with farming.

At the age of seven, he became completely fascinated with the words written in the Holy Bible. His mother purchased Jack his own copy, and he began reading it.

One evening, a few years later, as Jack stepped up onto the front deck of a church he had been invited to visit, he froze. A deep voice from his inner being declared: "This is the last time I intend to call you!" From this moment, Jack decided to change his life's direction. He stood up in front of that congregation and dedicated his life to Jesus Christ.

To prepare for the ministry, Jack enrolled in evening college courses at the University of Tennessee, and later graduated from college in Hawaii while serving in the U.S. Air Force.

Jack became an ordained minister in 1960, but eventually left the world of "traditional" denominational religion. Jack married Johnnie Ann Beck in 1963. They later moved to Colorado, and in 1985, Jack took a position with CPS Distributors, a wholesale distributor of irrigation and pumping equipment. Jack has been the president of CPS for the last twenty-six years.

Since 1955, when Jack first heard the voice of God speaking directly to him, he has continued to hear spirit-world voices, see visions, and witness life-saving miracles.

In 1962, Jack began recording the words and the miraculous experiences he was receiving. These were the basis for his first book, The Last Enemy: Teachings From Beyond the Veil. His second book, Awakening Gods: Teachings From Beyond the Veil Volume II, was published in 2005.
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