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The Greatest Revelation: Series One

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Isola, Adebola (Author)
Religion : Biblical Studies - Bible Study Guides
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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The Greatest Revelation, Series One is a more ...
The Greatest Revelation, Series One is a book about the revelations of the Bible. It is also a book about the deeper understanding and meaning of the Bible. The author was inspired to write the book because of little children, teenagers, and adults who do not have understanding of the Bible. For example, when I was young I thought the part of the Bible that says we should cut off any part of our body that causes us to sin really meant that we should cut our bodies. But God later gave me the revelation that we do not have to cut that part of our body; we only have to shed the bad things that are causing us to sin off. This made me share the revelation the Holy Spirit and God have given me about the Bible with you.
Adebola Isola was born in 1991 in Lagos, a large city in Nigeria, West Africa. His father is a civil engineer in Nigeria, and his mother a nurse in America. Adebola is currently a student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and is majoring in Economics.
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