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Ladder to the Moon - A Journey from the Congo to America

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Budagu Makoko, Georges (Author)
Biography & Autobiography : Personal Memoirs
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Imagine growing up in a peaceful village more ...
Imagine growing up in a peaceful village, surrounded by beauty and family. Then your life takes a terrible turn and you suffer endlessly during the genocide in Congo and Rwanda. A life of liberty, safety, and harmony seems as far away as the moon. And then a miraculous path to freedom and opportunity presents itself. In these pages, you will meet a man who has traveled a distance greater than most of us can imagine, and endured more than most of us can bear. Along the way, he receives God's grace, and embraces the transformational power of hope and faith.
" In 2000, my sister, Charlotte, was killed in a Burundi massacre. The same militia has killed hundreds of Congolese people in a series of ethnically-motivated attacks. These stories need to be shared more widely. Just as it took some time for the stories of many Holocaust survivors to come to light, I think the same will be true with Congo."
~ Richard Cameron Wilson, author, Titanic Express
" Georges' journey from Congo to Maine is rich with lessons of determination, perseverance and courage. His tremendous value to our organization and the community is immeasurable."
~ Dana Totman, President, Avesta Housing
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