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The Full Rights of Sons

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Stegall, K. E. (Author)
Religion : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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The Full Rights of Sons demonstrates tha more ...
The Full Rights of Sons demonstrates that
● long-established principles of the orthodox and reformed Christian faith
● widely accepted rules for interpreting the Scriptures,
● basic Bible knowledge,
● and a common sense understanding of language
all affirm the equality of men and women in the church, family, and society as a presuppositional, all-pervasive, and overt teaching of The Holy Bible. The Full Rights of Sons is firmly built upon the historic Christian faith taught by the apostles, prophets, and early church fathers, affirmed by the reformers and those today who hold the Holy Scriptures to be the authoritative and living word of God, all founded upon the chief cornerstone of the church, Christ Jesus Himself. (Eph. 2:20)

"Proves again that a high view of Scripture entails a high view of women." Gilbert Bilezikian
"A truly radical book. . . . that gets to 'the root' of a matter." John H. Armstrong
"Every thought is drawn from Scripture." Boni Piper
"Thought provoking, compelling and logical, presented in a warm, personal manner." Margaret Mowczko
"As a pastor, I highly recommend The Full Rights of Sons." Bruce Hemphill
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