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Carolyn Quimby

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  • Copp, Raymond (Author)
  • Manning, Mary (Illustrator)
Juvenile Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Carolyn Quimby was a white feathered far more ...
Carolyn Quimby was a white feathered farm duck but she could not fly. In fact no farm ducks can really fly. Oh they may fly a short distance, but they can't fly very far. Carolyn Quimby dreamed about flying but didn't know why. After all, Farmer Wilson fed her all the corn she could ever possibly want. She also had a comfortable and warm place to sleep at night. Carolyn Quimby was the oldest duck living on the Wilson farm, but she was not the oldest animal living on the farm. Clomper, Farmer Wilson's Belgian draft horse, was older. Oldest of all was Professor Hopatoadalopolos, a wise old toad who lived near Trickling Brook. Our story begins on the Wilson Farm. It is a story about friendship. It is a story about dreams. It is a story of love and what it means to let go of the ones you love. It is the story of a farm duck. She was just an ordinary farm duck, but hers was not an ordinary dream.
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