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Through Mine Eyes: Life's Lessons Are Meant to Be Shared

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Davis, Ericka (Author)
Biography & Autobiography : Personal Memoirs
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Through Mine Eyes takes us within the li more ...
Through Mine Eyes takes us within the life experiences of a young girl. We journey within her most meaningful experiences, those that leave a lasting impression, the ones that teach the most valuable lessons. She also shares the wisdom she wished she'd had when she was younger.
This book is a collection of stories which focus on values. The author shares heartbreaks, challenges, sensuality, spirituality, and love. These memorable moments are used as stepping stones to reach her lifelong goals and to find purpose-she shares them in rhythmic verse. Through Mine Eyes imparts the lessons of a lifetime.
Ericka Young Davis has been writing poetry for many years for performances and events. She is a graduate of Southern University, where she holds an undergraduate and graduate degree in Communications/Broadcast Journalism. She also has an MA Ed. in Adult Education and Distance Learning from University of Phoenix. Ericka Davis lives with her family in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she is an elementary school teacher.
As a native of Louisiana, Ericka gets her inspiration from family, neighbors, friends, and life experiences. When she was first married, she and her husband moved from Louisiana to Houston, Texas, where they lived for over thirteen years until moving to Tulsa. She is the proud, busy mother of two boys, Jordan and Joshua. She enjoys writing, traveling, decorating, and entertaining. Ericka's intention is to expand her work further in education by following in the footsteps of a family of educators. She will continue working to inspire and write one thought at a time.
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