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The Magic Owl

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Stammerjohann, Lisa (Author)
Juvenile Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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A little blue owl has all the books he c more ...
A little blue owl has all the books he could ever want, but is lonely. He sees a boy at the edge of the woods and begins to secretly give him books, which brings the owl great joy. But how will the owl continue sharing his books when the cold of winter comes? Filling his heart with the desire to give, he discovers his own magic. Inspired by friendship, The Magic Owl decides to extend his generosity to all boys and girls around the world who have a wish in their heart to read! Whoo-hoo will he visit next?

With its endearing artwork, this charming story shows how sharing the gift of reading can empower and lead to new friendships and adventures. The Magic Owl made his first delivery to the author's son at the age of three. Now, several years and many books later, the Magic Owl is ready to share his gift with all children. Start your own family tradition and watch your child delight in the wonderment of reading.
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