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Diary of a Middle-Aged Sex Goddess Volume 2: Half Hearted Hopeful

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Winters Waite, Elizabeth J. (Author)
Biography & Autobiography : Personal Memoirs
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Volume 2- Diary of a Middle-Aged Sex more ...

Volume 2- Diary of a Middle-Aged Sex Goddess: Half Hearted Hopeful 

In her memoir series Diary of a Middle-Aged Sex Goddess, Elizabeth J. Winters Waite explores the complexities of life for a single mother in her sexual prime. Bridging the gap between Sex and the City and The Golden Girls, her stories detail raising three boys, running a successful all-female accounting firm, and pursuing passions that grow her soul, all while trying to get laid—or trying not to get laid, whichever the case may be—while on the never-ending quest for true love.

In Half Hearted Hopeful, the second volume in the series, Waite turns fifty, reflecting in her witty, honest, and deeply personal way on who she wants to be—and who she wants to be with. Rekindling a flame with Fabulous Guy, she experiments with becoming a friend with benefits … only to end up falling madly in love. He touches something deep inside of her, leaving her breathless from the experience, but can she ever be truly satisfied if he won’t share his heart? 

About the Author 
Elizabeth J. Winters Waite was raised in the middle of nowhere in Indiana, becoming an accountant instead of an actress because she was tired of being poor. She had her own accounting firm of single moms for 20 years, known as the “hot chick accounting firm”. She sold the firm in 2011, took two years off to write, and then became the CFO of the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation, named CDC of the Year for the state of Ohio in 2018. The mother of three amazing, funny, kind and compassionate young men, Elizabeth loves to grow things, whether they be flowers, fruit trees, financial statements or friendships.

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