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Mind Whispers

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Blalock, Deborough (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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"Mind Whispers reminds us that all freed more ...
"Mind Whispers reminds us that all freedom starts with the mind, but all minds are not free. Two flippers up."
Esmerelda the Dolphin

"A visionary feast for the third eye."
Cindy Bainbridge (

"By wrapping the issue of animal freedom in the emotion of fiction, Mind Whispers takes us to a new level of understanding about how we should treat our fellow creatures."
Sue McKinney (

What would you think if animals began talking to you telepathically? Brain tumor? Psychosis? That's what happens to environmental journalist Sarah Adams in Mind Whispers, but she intends to prove she's not crazy. How? By locating the dolphin who's speaking to her long-distance.
Distracted by the two men in her life, will Sarah focus on the physical or the spiritual? Will she take her beagle's advice on how to catch a man? Will she transcend the karma of a life lived four thousand years ago in Sumeria? Will she track down the dolphin or does it only exist in her mind? And what does The Medusa have to do with it?
This visionary novel is filled with thoughts about the nature of reality that are as easy to read as taking a walk on a sunny afternoon. Fast-paced, dialogue driven, and funny, Mind Whispers is provocative entertainment.

Debbie Blalock received a B. A. in English Literature from Duke University in 1974. She lives in Durham, North Carolina on Palofields Farm with her two adopted beagles, Sonnet and Soliloquy, and manages a retirement home for horses.
Her books include Inner Waves and The Think-(W)hole. Under her Read and Do Good program, these titles are offered at a bookseller discount to charitable organizations for use as a fund-raising tool. For more information, go to Read and Do, the author's website.
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