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Father, Then the Eyes Can See

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McNair, Delanda (Author)
  • Religion : Inspirational
  • Drama : General
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Xulon Press
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Is there ever a deed or act that just vi more ...
Is there ever a deed or act that just violates beyond grace; a hurt that rips beyond the extending of mercy because it was so painful? Read further and determine for yourself. "Father, Then The Eyes Can See is a heart touching book and makes you want to continue reading. This is such a good read. May God bless you always". - J. Wilkins, DCMA Human Resources Assistant, Kansas "Father, Then The Eyes Can See Speaks to the mind, spirit and soul. A wonderful read for anyone questioning, doubting or wondering if God is listening, is concerned and knows where he or she is. It is a reminder that even though unforeseen circumstances, issues and cares arise, God is never as far away from us as we think...HE is right there the whole time waiting patiently to help us! This will be one you will frequently return to." - K. Goddard, MBA/Domestic Engineer, North Carolina. "A beautiful and inspiring story that beckons and calls us beyond the words of the page, into the lives and hearts of its characters. You will see pieces of yourself in each of their stories." - D. Gates, Academic Advisor-Communication, North Carolina With the nature of a counselor, this author has a way of matching real life problems to biblical concepts. This respectful God fearing young woman is dedicated to God, her family, work and others, both nearby and beyond.
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