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And the Angel Cried

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Frances, Gale (Author)
  • Biography & Autobiography : Personal Memoirs
  • Religion : Christian Life - Family
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It was cold and wet the day a 14 year ol more ...
It was cold and wet the day a 14 year old boy, hunting with his beloved grandfather, found an abandoned infant girl who had been thrown over a barbed-wire fence into the briars and underbrush alongside a desolate Wayne County, Indiana road. Wrapped in a towel, discarded like trash, infested with maggots and hidden deeply in the weeds, she was left to suffer a cruel death. This defenseless creation of a loving God was sentenced to die like so many others are today, not for crimes or deformity, but for convenience. She would have surely died that day had the hand of God not spared her life by leading Dave Hickman to her intended grave site. His quest to find her again would be a decades-long pursuit, an emotional and spiritual endeavor.   For 48 years I saw the ache in my husband's eyes, and felt the despair in his soul. What happened to the infant girl he found abandoned in the woods of Indiana in 1955? I felt the call to write this story following the outpouring of responses from individuals all over the world, pleading to know more about his decades-long search, their reunion and our personal life. I am extremely proud and enthusiastic about "And the Angel Cried" and the tremendous spiritual potential it can offer to readers as they learn about God's miracles upon a 14 year old boy and an abandoned infant, His grace throughout a decades-long search and His "perfect timing" to reunite them again. Anyone who values life will cherish this story. Those who believe, or want to believe, in Divine intervention will be brought to their knees! Please visit our website:
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