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BEASLEY, S. C. (Author)
Fiction : Action & Adventure
Salem Publishing Solutions
Xulon Press
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The Rumble sparks the reader's imaginati more ...
The Rumble sparks the reader's imagination as characters come to life taking you inside their mad world of deception and betrayal within the gang. Chopper, stout in reputation and appearance, is the fierce leader of the red collar crew. He is determined to rid his territory from the rival gang of intruders as his trusted sidekick, Comet gets caught off guard when his past catches up with him. You will experience the inward rage that pushes Smasher, the blue collar leader to go places that others merely dare to venture. Fury and animosity are festering and explosive when Chopper and Smasher's worlds collide. They are forced to share common ground as an unexpected turn of events separates them from their posse. Will either one be able to survive without the support of their gang? Which one be able to escape and return to their crew? Or has their gang already lost respect for them? The Rumble will leave you wanting more as you experience the diverse and real-life issues facing today's youth within the pages of the first book of the Dog Tale Series. About the AuthorS. C. Beasley currently resides in Southport, N. C. with her husband enjoying the salt air. Formerly a Gaston County resident, Beasley served in various volunteer roles. She worked helping people resolve conflicts and come to peaceful resolutions as a volunteer Mediator for the Mediation Center of Southern Piedmont. She also served as a Youth Director making an impact by developing situational skits and producing participation involvement with her teen groups. When serving as Children's Church Director, Beasley would often create lessons or transform others into a language children could comprehend and interact with. Be it song, skit, poem, or book, S. C. Beasley is a passionate writer invoking the reader to experience the material.
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