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Laughter of Water, Wisdom of Trees: Rudiments of an inner journey and other musings

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Shuey, Kevin A. (Author)
Poetry : Inspirational & Religious
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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“In the poems of Kevin Shuey we more ...

“In the poems of Kevin Shuey we feel his deep longing for Truth, as he questions and contemplates the paradoxes and conundrums of the spiritual “search” for that which we have never not been. His teachers are the trees and grass and wind. His poetic voice and style echoes past centuries, when form and rhyme were the norm, but the subject of his poems is the eternal Now, into which he peers with awe and inspired insight.” 

Bart Marshall, author of Christ Sutras, The Perennial Way, and Bhagavad Gita: The Definitive Translation 

“Written over the course of forty years, these poems offer an intimate and insightful perspective of the author’s nondual philosophy and the extraordinary intimacy of what simply is.” 

Anita Avent - 

“Kevin Shuey captures the particular in his depictions of nature, at the same time pointing to the ineffable universal that lies beyond our perceptions. Simple but evocative photographs parallel the moods—and the mystery—of his poems.” 

Charles Suhor, leader, Free Range Sangha of Montgomery, Alabama.


Poetry, by its very nature, is well-suited for pointing out the mysterious aspects of life that seem to disappear if we look directly at them. It is these mysteries that open up the essence of who we are at our very core. Strip away the layers of rationality and belief, the filters used to protect us from fear and pain, and we can begin to see what is and find the truth.

For writer Kevin A. Shuey, the search for truth reflected in these poems includes attention to nature and what he calls “organic wisdom” experienced in the relationship between humans and the world. Like the Australian Aboriginal tradition of deep listening, he believes that such attention needs to be directed both into the world and within ourselves.

Laughter of Water, Wisdom of Trees is a collection of more than fifty of Kevin’s poems written over several decades. The pieces reveal landscapes his life’s journey has taken him through, both in his outer life and his inner one. He views the poems as scratches on trees that mark his way, showing both places of rest and places of struggle, as he works to reveal the unity disguised as infinite interconnectivity.

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