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I Had to Die to Learn How to Live

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Stevenson, Alan R. (Author)
Religion : Inspirational
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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" What a truly amazing story... Nothi more ...

" What a truly amazing story... Nothing like I've ever read before on this subject.

I think this kind of testimony and experience has great purpose and is worth sharing with others."

Andrew, Petev B.

"Amazingly interesting, makes you want to keep reading! I like the viewpoint."


"Wow! Such a lovely story." Donna W.

"Beautiful and very touching." Toni C.

"Alan - Such and amazining, amazing story!!!" Jonas C.

" Alan - Thank You so deeply for sharing that experience - I am profoundly moved and elated by this. Much Gratitude, Love and light to you." Natalie C.

Life for Alan R. Stevenson was routine and one of a typical - forty-something working person, having been a cook and a baker for most of that period. He is the Sun of a Sun and father to two young ladies, Meaghan and Danika, that are the crowning gems of his Life.

However since the NDE experience of February 26th 2010, Alan has stepped forth to work with and help people who have become stuck in the quicksand of Life. Whether it be the loss of a Loved one or simply those who can't see their way along the path and journey of this experience we call Life.

Many aspects of physical and non-physical reality were learned during Alan's NDE, though, his most prominent understanding is; "It is the lesson of Being in a physical world we have yet to learn. Our blind spots are many and knowledge of what is truly important...little. Much in the same way that we know little about and do not understand death, the same is also true as to what we honestly think we know about Life."

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