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On the Wings of the Wind

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Simpson, Alistair (Author)
Religion : Inspirational
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Alistair Simpson knows pain to limits fe more ...
Alistair Simpson knows pain to limits few people can tolerate, forsook luxury and shelter in England, for the trials and pains of a life of selfless servitude to Jesus Christ in Africa. Suffering illnesses, physical attacks, deceptions by loved ones, facing death many times, even passing through death, .......... imprisoned a whole year in a horrendous prison, his hidden death the plan. All his substance stolen by Tanzanian Government. But his God never failed him, against great corruption the Lord intervened, miraculously rescued him to continue and finish His mission. His story, unbelievable but true, a tense, gripping contest against forces of evil, because he would WALK THE TALK ... resulting in a tremendous sowing of Gospel seeds, a harvest of souls won for Christ of immense proportions. I, Alistair John Simpson, servant of the Lord Jesus, who has worked for twelve hard years in Africa ..... Kenya, Tanzania, Zaire. My promise was life service in Africa. The mission commenced in 1990, and was forcibly and harshly terminated in 2002, after a cruellest year in a filthy prison, I was deported, sick, penniless, and thankfully alive from Tanzania back to my homeland England. This, the first book of a trilogy, (covering the twelve year adventure, on the beautiful, spiritually dark continent).... sees a regenerated, renewed, once lost and sadly disillusioned Scotsman, lifted up from the dung heap of humanity, and placed amongst the rarified and rare...... Christ walking with this determined novice in the 21st century, miracles falling everywhere as he moved alone, in blind, trusting faith.
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