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"Newer Paths in Muslim-Christian Understanding"

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George, Ron (Author)
Religion : Christian Theology - General
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This book tries to outline (most inadequ more ...
This book tries to outline (most inadequately) the conclusion that God is not limited by man's ways and wants all men to come to know the truth - Christ himself. A man can be a Messianic Jew, a Hindu Sadhu - as was Sadhu Sundar Singh - or a Messianic Muslim. So often our faith is culture bound; we have often interpreted the Bible from a cultural perspective and not seen the God who relates to all men. He does not want a Western form of Christianity to be imposed upon others. In Genesis 2 v 18-20 we have the cultural mandate that man was to rule over the earth and create his own society. Most Muslim converts go back into Islam, not because of a failure to be enamored by Christ but because of a loss of their identity and unacceptance by the Christian community. Few understand the forces that are at play within all of us. Ron George has been involved in missions in the Islamic world for over 44 years. He has written widely on the subject, traveled to over 30 lands and met with Muslim leaders to try to understand their points of view. His views come out of a serious study of the Islamic peoples and the Qur'an, a love for those peoples and an appreciation of their roots. He takes what well-known missiologists present and brings them to their logical conclusion in evaluating Muslim-Christian understandings. He feels that only the eyes of love can fully appreciate the task of communicating Christ to Islamic peoples, building upon what they have and not destroying what God has already started. He sees that in trying to understand others leads to better understanding our own faith. This is a book about new beginnings in understanding Muslims and adds to that process.
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