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Can a Man by Searching Find Out God?

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Brown, James (Author)
Religion : Spirituality - General
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The author writes with the aim of encour more ...
The author writes with the aim of encouraging the people of God in the 'faith once for all delivered to the saints.' In these days of confusion and uncertainty in the world, he would remind the Church that its 'redemption draws near.' In the light of this awareness, we must strengthen 'those things that remain,' that we may persevere and so be found faithful at His appearing. To this end he would clarify, augment and hopefully simplify what he wrote in his earlier work, 'He Comes' and 'You shall See His Glory in the Morning.' He also would finish a work that was intended to extend to a few pages but has ended with three volumes. May the God of all grace use this work for the strengthening of His people and the glory of His great and Holy name. James Brown was educated at Edinburgh and Aberdeen. After working in secular occupations for some time, he served as a minister in the Church of Scotland for thirty five years. He now serves as a Locum in the Church. He cannot improve on the the advice given to Robert Murray McCheyne as he entered his ministry by an aunt who urged him, 'Always say a good word for Jesus.' He would like to think that by the grace of God, he has endeavoured throughout the years to do just that.
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