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Finding Peace Through Faith

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Clarke, Daphne (Author)
Religion : Inspirational
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Do you yearn for peace? Hope and reality more ...
Do you yearn for peace? Hope and reality for peace can be attained through your faith! If you desire to have peace, prepare yourself for a journey that shows the Holy Spirit directing the author of Finding Peace Through Faith - A Personal Experience, in the midst of daunting challenges. Through the power of the supernatural, peace prevailed, which inspired and motivated Daphne Clarke to communicate that, indeed, God is a Master of the impossible. Ms. Clarke uses examples of individuals in the Bible who walked closely with God, and received breakthrough to promises by having the impossible become reality. Vivid portrayal of divine intervention persists throughout the book and peace permeates as a force. Prepare to see your faith energized when reading this book! You can discover that peace is possible even though contrary forces battle to prove otherwise; you can see that the teachings of Christ have great impact on manifesting His promises. Brace yourself for the ride-it is one of faith and you too can receive peace, even when the woes of this world whistles whirlwinds on your horizon. Daphne Clarke is committed to exhorting, encouraging and motivating individuals to achieve their God-given destiny. She is the author of The Triumph of Louise Laurel & Successful Parenting/Nurturing: By the Hand of God. Ms. Clarke graduated from The George Washington University and is pursuing a Christian Counseling degree at World Missions Ministries Bible College (WMMBC) in the Washington, D.C. area. She was born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies. In recent years, she has been returning there annually to devote much of her time tutoring children in reading and English Grammar.
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