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The Pebble and the Tower

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Scott, David (Author)
Fiction : Christian - General
Salem Publishing Solutions
Xulon Press
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Follow the pebble's pilgrimage during it more ...
Follow the pebble's pilgrimage during its adventurous travels from Labrador's North Atlantic shore to reach the elusive tower, which certainly holds the answer to every question it possesses! Despite the cynical Buhrstone's belief that all stones should stay where they are, the pebble refuses to accept that as truth. The pebble faces ridiculing judgment from its peers and despite its own inability to move independently, finds itself launched on its way! Follow the pebble as it experiences difficulties, sorrow, pain, danger, and a myriad of emotional highs and lows as it struggles to find the truth. This novel takes us on an allegorical journey through life, and will bring us all to our knees before a righteous and just Creator. This book is sure to help the reader find answers to many of life's questions, and the peace they desire, and the truth of God's Love shown through all creation. About The Author David J. Scott is an up and coming author dedicated to the advancement of the cause of Christ. He struggled through life, veered outside of God's will, and has stated that because of the dedication of his parents and their willingness to pray for him on a daily basis he has always turned back to God and rediscovered the path God has chosen for him. He is a committed Christian, husband, and father. In school, he majored in English, and when asked why he chose to write this book, he answered, "I want to help others see the value in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to draw people to the saving grace of the cross and into a deeper relationship with God. Every experience we encounter, be it good, bad, even every day activities will mold and shape us and definitely influences our life choices."
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