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Ball, Skip (Author)
Fiction : Christian - Suspense
Salem Publishing Solutions
Xulon Press
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Bill Myers, International Best Selling A more ...
Bill Myers, International Best Selling Author: "I know few writers as committed to learning their craft as Skip. At 50 plus years of age he's well beyond playing at writing and is of the breed that has to write, regardless. As an international pastor/evangelist/church planter who has been on the cutting edge, he's got a wealth of human experience to draw from. This tenacity, coupled with his experiences, his sizeable talent for story telling, and his great heart leads me to encourage any agent to take him on"- Bill Myers. Skip Ball writes from many first-hand experiences. His work has led him into confrontations with a terrorist in Northern Ireland, rioting in Belfast, and the bombing of Black Friday and numerous encounters with Druidic witchcraft in England and with a member of the Charlie Manson cult. Because of his vocal commitment to his Christian faith, numerous threats have been made on his life from blood rituals to violent confrontations at gunpoint. He's worked with an East German prisoner escapee, the British police on a suicide case and counseled with many families facing illness and death. He's walked the path of sorrow on behalf of many and offered consolation and Christian hope. Skip Ball 1398 E. Hillcrest Drive, #225 Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 805-379-4923
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