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Carnegie, Zaidie (Author)
Religion : Christian Life - General
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The Lord gives the Word [of power]: the more ...
The Lord gives the Word [of power]: the women who bear and publish [the news] are a great host. Psalms 68:11. Women comprise over half the population of the world and make up the larger part of the congregation in the Church of Christ. Not surprisingly, prophesy declares an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the women of God in these desperate days. Zaidie Crowe Carnegie shares the revelation that God made ample provisions for His women, Warriors In High Heels, to face the enemy without fear or favor. Jesus the Christ is the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces of the Kingdom Of God. His will is our command! Can we neglect His Royal Commission to be His warriors in the War for Souls and the Cause of the Cross? This book will empower women to stand firm in the certain knowledge that the Genesis 3:15 Commission is urgent - to fight for our Homes, for our Heritage and for the Honor of the human family in Christ! Zaidie Crowe Carnegie is a mother, wife, sister, friend and daughter. Above all else she is a child of Jehovah God, Most High. British-born with a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Law from London University; she is a qualified Consultant, Trainer, Lecturer, Speaker and Television Director. She was actively involved in Family Ministry in her home Church in London, England. She is committed to writing under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to empower women of God to recognize that they are at war with the enemy of the human family. God destined them to be warriors and to be victorious through Jesus Christ our Lord!
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