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Stones of Rememberance

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Garrick, Gene (Author)
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Have you taken time to think about the p more ...
Have you taken time to think about the past and what God has done in your life? The Bible contains a special story that clearly demonstrates the importance of remembering. It is found in the book of Joshua. The story involves a great victory, deliverance, and the placing of twelve stones in a pile as a memorial that became known as Stones of Remembrance. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." This familiar quote, by George Santayana, tells us the importance of learning from the lessons of the past. Equally important is the discovery of the richness found in generational blessings and heritage. The connecting of generations and the sharing of love gives meaning to life. I invite you to share in my life story and testimony about personal stones of remembrance. It is my prayer that you will learn from the Scriptures contained within why remembering God's faithfulness, goodness, and mercy are important keys to future victory. "Gene Garrick has taught the Body of Christ about "stones of remembrances" for some time. Now he has put those nuggets into this book. I have been blessed by his ministry over the years. I think you will be also by reading what's on his heart about learning from the past." Quin Sherrer, co-author of Lord, I Need Your Healing Power and 28 additional books. Gene Garrick is the founder of Walk The Way Ministries in Columbus, Mississippi, and Waukaway Springs Christian Retreat Center near Laurel, Mississippi. He has been a businessman for 35 years and is an ordained minister. He leads retreats and speaks to churches and groups throughout the Southeast. He can be contacted at
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