Martial Art of the Gun: The Turnipseed Technique
Martial Art of the Gun: The Turnipseed Technique

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Egusa, Alan (Author)
Sports & Recreation : Shooting
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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What happens when balanced body mechanic more ...
What happens when balanced body mechanics and the fundamentals of martial arts are applied to shooting?<br><br> This book will turn everything you thought you knew about shooting upside down. Turnipseed Master Instructor Alan Egusa details Kent Turnipseed's cutting edge shooting method and shows you:<br><br> • How to easily and comfortably shoot any firearm: handgun, rifle or shotgun<br> How everything you've been taught about shooting with muscle is actually hurting you<br> Instantly Acquire and Hit your target at will<br> Accurately shoot without sights<br> • Rapidly fire with deadly accuracy on the move - even while running<br><br> It's simple. The Turnipseed Technique demystifies shooting and gun handling and provides a martial art accessible to men and women of all shapes and sizes. Forget about intimidating instructors and silly combat wannabes - Turnipseed's natural body posture and balance methods give you the secret to safe, accurate, rapid-fire shooting skills for life.
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