The Sun Jumpers
The Sun Jumpers

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Luber, Ken (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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<p>&lt;p&gt;Ten thousand years ago, two more ...
<p>&lt;p&gt;Ten thousand years ago, two teenage lovers set out to save their clan. But what they didn&rsquo;t expect is to end up in the 21st century&hellip; &lt;/p&gt;</p> <p>&lt;p&gt;</p> <p>Along with two loyal friends, Ty and Sita embark on a daring vision quest, searching a deadly prehistoric forest for a tribe to save their cave-dwelling clan. But when the blood of a beast and Sita&rsquo;s shamanic potions combine to scramble their psyches, the dark-skinned seekers find themselves thrust from their familiar cave-land world into the technology-driven modern-day city of Los Angeles. &lt;/p&gt;</p> <p>&lt;p&gt;&nbsp;</p> <p>Darren, a young filmmaker shooting a carpet commercial on a mountaintop, mistakes the Stone Age kids for a rap group and brings them to his home, where the teens discover the wonders of Star Wars, pizza, sunglasses, and skateboarding. Ty&rsquo;s courage and Sita&rsquo;s shamanic wisdom eventually force the pompous filmmaker to face his destiny, and disbelief slowly becomes trust. Still, Ty must find a way to travel back ten millennia with a miracle that will save his starving clan. But how? Or will Sita&rsquo;s potions hurl them into another, unrecognizable, even malevolent future?&lt;/p&gt;</p> <p>&lt;p&gt;&nbsp;</p> <p>The Sun Jumpers is a witty yet moving tale of teenage love, the power of friendship, and how bravery and a willing heart can save an entire people.&lt;/p&gt;</p> <p>&lt;p&gt;&lt;/p&gt;</p> <p>&lt;p&gt;&quot;Luber has constructed a lighthearted romp that&rsquo;s permeated by humor regarding adolescent antics, 20-something angst, and a wealth of inevitable culture-clash misunderstandings. But it also deals with some serious issues, including modern-day bigotry (the Kishoki are a dark-skinned people), the sometimes-troubled relationships between parents and offspring, and the need to find and follow one&rsquo;s own truth&hellip;&rdquo; -Kirkus Reviews&lt;/p&gt;</p>
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