The McLittles - Book One:  A Journey Begins
The McLittles - Book One: A Journey Begins

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Metcalfe, A.W. (Author)
Juvenile Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Imagine a world where everyone seems to more ...
Imagine a world where everyone seems to have mysteriously disappeared. This is the setting in which our story begins, but it is soon apparent that all is not what it seems. <Br></br> The McLittles is a series of adventures centered around five remarkable little girls ranging in age from three to eight. Each has her own challenges and her own special gifts... qualities that are central to their survival. They come together in a deserted world, with no memory of their past, no-one to protect them and no concept of the dangers that will face them in their future. Though they experience daunting challenges, they learn that through their collective efforts, they can achieve just about anything. <Br></br> In The McLittles™ Book One - A Journey Begins, we are introduced to the girls as they set out into the countryside, where they hope to increase their chances of survival. What at first seems like a sensible decision brings unexpected weather conditions and the often dangerous reality of wild animals. <Br></br> ALSO AVAILABLE... <br> The McLittles <br> Book Two <br> Through Thick and Thin
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