The Complete Total Competitiveness Theory: The Awakening Impulse for Business to Survive
The Complete Total Competitiveness Theory: The Awakening Impulse for Business to Survive

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Maramaldo, Dirceu (Dirk) (Author)
Business & Economics : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Dirk is a graduate Civil Engineer from t more ...
Dirk is a graduate Civil Engineer from the Mackenzie University (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and Automobile Engineer from the General Motors Institute - GMI (Flint, Michigan - USA) and has specialized courses on Psychology, Human Relations, Human Development, Marketing, Business Strategy and Business Administration from Brazil and abroad.<br><br> In his executive career in the Automotive and Railway industries in Brazil, he was Director of Product Engineering and Quality Control of Chrysler Brazil. He was also head of the Product and Marketing Committees for Chrysler Brazil and Argentina.<br><br> Dirk was President of Fresinbra Industrial S.A., the Brazilian subsidiary of Westinghouse Airbrakes / American Standard Co. and was simultaneously Director of all the other American Standard Corp. companies in Brazil. At this time he was, by invitation, a member of the Young Presidents Club (Paris, France), which is exclusive for large company Presidents under 40 years of age.<br><br> In 1982 he was the founder and only President of DM-PRODUTIVISMO S/C LTDA. a consulting firm specializing in Value Analysis and Value Engineering, business development, competitiveness, quality and management techniques. During this period, Dirk had as clients many of the largest companies in Brazil (the 100 largest of Exame Magazine), and was Member of the Council for industries, hospitals and commerce companies.<br><br> Among his international clients, Dirk consulted for Leighton Contractors (Asia) in Hong Kong and for John Holland Group, in Camberra and Sidney, Australia.<br><br> Dirk was responsible for the introduction of new techniques in Brazil like Value Analysis and Engineering and the Theory of Constraints, and developed successful new productivity, quality and competitiveness techniques, implemented with impressive results in companies in Brazil, China and Australia.<br><br> Dirk published articles on Management in the U.S.A., Europe, Japan, China and several Latin American countries. He was awarded in 1988 by SAVE International the Value Engineering Merit Award and in 1997 with a Special Recognition Award by SJVE - The Society of Japanese Value. He was also merit awarded by several Universities in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.
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