Breakthrough to a Supernatural Life
Breakthrough to a Supernatural Life

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Spence, Franklyn M. (Author)
  • Religion : Christian Life - Spiritual Growth
  • Religion : Christianity - Pentecostal & Charismatic
  • Religion : Christian Life - Spiritual Warfare
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He heard it while participating in his c more ...
He heard it while participating in his camp-counseling job at age sixteen: "I am coming soon". Seeing no one was around him, author Franklyn Spence believed he had heard God's voice. More instances of God speaking to him, even through a vision of Jesus, left him overwhelmed spiritually and aware of his gifts for prophecy and healing. He recalls these faith-defining moments in his Christian testimony/self-help guide, Breakthrough into the Supernatural Realm. Growing up in his church, Franklyn remembers being taught God was distant, accessible only for special occasions. However, the God Franklyn experienced at camp was real, intimate and calling him to an impossible task. He states in his book God developing his faith through tests, whether healing a sparrow to praying for strangers, and frequently communicating with him. Franklyn wants readers to have the same relationship with God, hearing His voice as clear as he did at camp.
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