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Evolving the Entrepreneur

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Donnell, Donovan Dee (Author)
  • BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Entrepreneurship
  • PSYCHOLOGY / Neuropsychology
  • EDUCATION / Evaluation & Assessment
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What would you do if you felt like the t more ...
What would you do if you felt like the things you *valued most were being threatened? Would you seek to simply survive the attack, or would you seek to become the threat?   As an entrepreneur I've learned one very important thing: no matter how good you are at defense, if you don't learn to play'll never win. This book isn't about waiting to defend, it is about taking the first punch. We are not seeking to weather the storm, we are discussing how to influence and create the weather. The War on Stagnation is won from within because the flow is released from within. At *conception, every bit of potential that you needed, in order to win ...was already living within you. This book is designed to help you understand the most effective and efficient way to defeat stagnation and experience consistent profit. Where there is no flow, there can be no growth, no impact, no profit. Where there is no flow, morale is low, the determination to exercise discipline diminishes and passion becomes frustration. But there is a solution and that solution lies within you, the entrepreneur... you must Evolve. "Evolving the Entrepreneur is never a completed work, but an on-going process in which we must stay intentionally committed, or else our product or service will become obsolete." - DonovanDeeDonnell
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