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Changing Filthy Garments

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Johnson, Lamar (Author)
  • FICTION / Christian / Contemporary
  • EDUCATION / General
Salem Publishing Solutions
Xulon Press
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No matter how low, dirty, or downtrodden more ...
No matter how low, dirty, or downtrodden a person can get, God will always welcome His children back with loving arms. Mary Jacobs was prophesied at a young age that she would do wonderous things in God's name. She was meant to stand on mountaintops and preach His Word to the masses around the world. For years, Mary grew up with her grandmother in a comforting Georgia home full of love, peace, and belief, awaiting the day God's plans for her would come to fruition. Until one day when everything changed in an instant... With the sudden passing of her grandmother, Mary is forced to live with her alcoholic birth mother and her boyfriend. Surrounded by sinful influences, Mary tries to heal and trust that God still has great plans for her, but that trust is broken one fateful day when her mother's boyfriend rapes her. Darkness takes over the light in her soul and she turns away from the God she believed abandoned her. A family friend and a college scholarship help Mary escape her tormentor as she travels to Southern California, but she no longer has the will to make smart choices. After a roller coaster of events and many years of bad decisions, the young woman finds herself in a life-or-death situation. In that moment, she learns that God never left her and His plans for her were only just beginning. Changing Filthy Garments: The Story of Mary Jacobs is a fictional tale of the factual spiritual warfare many of God's children face in life. A raw and emotional story of the highs and lows one young woman faces whose destiny seems to be robbed by a rogue assailant of the enemy, but through much spiritual intersession, she is restored and becomes a light to the nations.
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