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Advanced Prostate Cancer: A Doctor's Journey in Healing His Stage 4 Metastatic Disease through Medical Science and Personalizing God's Word (the Scriptures)

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Moraczewski MD, Dr. Thomas (Author)
  • MEDICAL / Oncology / Prostate Cancer
  • RELIGION / Christian Living / Personal Memoirs
  • RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Counseling & Recovery
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Prostate cancer will afflict one-in-six more ...
Prostate cancer will afflict one-in-six men, chiefly in their mid-sixties onward. Fortunately, ninety percent are caught early in stage 1, where it is quite curable. However, the remaining ten percent will account for over 30,000 men dying each year from advanced or metastatic stage 4 disease. Traditional medical help is important, but is only designed to extend life by a few months to a few years. Enter the importance of "spiritual therapy." Enter our need to explore, learn, memorize, and declare aloud the many Scriptures related to healing, strength, and vitality. This book will address both the medical "conventional" and "alternative" means to treat advanced prostate cancer as well as the important "spiritual strategies" for healing as described in the Scriptures. The Scriptural-based declarations are actually applicable to any type of cancer or dreaded disease, since it is God's will that we be healthy, strong, and whole. At age sixty-six, Dr. Moraczewski was diagnosed unexpectedly with metastatic prostate cancer, which spread to his lymph nodes, lungs, and bones. As a medical doctor for over forty-five years, it was a sobering and frustrating diagnosis for him to accept. He was now a "cancer patient," seeing a life of disease from the other side of the exam table. Like many before, he was told at the first visit, "You have two years to live. Get your life in order." But by following many of the strategies listed herein, both medical and spiritual, he has now surpassed the four-year mark, stable and doing well. The cancer journey has not been quick or easy, with many days and nights of pain and discouragement, but his strong faith along with encouragement from his wife, family, colleagues, and pastors has helped to make him well and strong along the way.
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