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Winning Over Whatever: The Ultimate WOW Factor!

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Monroe, Melody (Author)
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In remembrance of Christ's suffering, Wi more ...
In remembrance of Christ's suffering, Winning Over Whatever: the Ultimate Wow Factor features 39 testimonials of victory over life's challenges; one for each stripe scholars believe that Jesus Christ bore as punishment for His claims to be the Son of God. Beaten and tortured before He was nailed to a cross to die, Jesus was scourged by Roman soldiers with an instrument created for the sole purpose of tearing apart human flesh. He chose to bear this burden, taking on the sins and griefs of the world in this ultimate sacrifice, all because of His love for humanity. In each testimony, you will read various accounts from people who experienced bleak, unfavorable, seemingly hopeless, and even tragic circumstances in their lives. However, through God's divine intervention, faith, and trust in His power to supernaturally change their situation, they each emerged from their personal battles victoriously. Disease, depression, trauma, poverty, lack, and even death itself, are no match for our all powerful God. Immerse yourself in these stories to witness the benefit of having faith in God because God's power is the ultimate WOW factor! The daughter of retired pastors, Melody T. Monroe was raised in the church and has served within the music ministries of various churches throughout her youth and adult life. She is a National Board Certified music teacher and the award winning children's author of Pete Cluckington and the Others. Winning Over Whatever: the Ultimate WOW Factor is Melody's first publication in the Christian genre. Although she has been focused on elementary music education, she also has a strong passion for using her voice to share the good news of the gospel to those in need of faith and hope.
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