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JESUS AND MARY MAGDALENE: The Rumor That Won't Go Away

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Daniel, Kristi (Author)
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I have always loved the Indiana Jones more ...

I have always loved the Indiana Jones movies and his quest for historical artifacts, thinking, one day the cup Jesus drank from at the last supper would finally be found. But my religious foundations were shaken to the core as I read internet articles indicating the Holy Grail was not a cup or chalice, but a woman! A woman married to Jesus! I thought, how could this be? Everyone knows Jesus was celibate.

The more I investigated this claim the more articles I found stating not only was Jesus married, but that He was married to Mary Magdalene and they had a child! Citing as their proof, secret documents, clues hidden in a painting and Gospels the Church has withheld from the people for two thousand years!

Could this be? Could these allegations against my faith be true? Join me as I take you on my quest to discover the truth behind each of the claims to this rumor that Jesus was married, leading you to the same conclusion that I arrived, that Jesus was indeed celibate.

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