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WHOLEHEARTED LEARNING: A Guidebook for Parents

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As our modern culture progressively o more ...

As our modern culture progressively opposes traditional and godly values, it can become increasingly difficult for parents to feel confident in their methods for raising their children with wholeness and character. Thankfully, God's Word provides definitive instruction. Pressing into the Bible, the research of experts, and his own parenting experiences, author Ron Lundquist helps parents rediscover God's loving instructions for a solid foundation at home and shows parents how to raise children so they can mature into responsible, well-educated, fulfilled adults. Touching on the importance of healthy dynamics between married parents, the role and practice of discipline, testimonials from the author's children, and more, this book approaches each topic through a God- centered lens to direct parents the way He intended. Whether you find yourself at a loss as a brand-new parent or are seeking guidance along the way, this book is for you.

With joint master's degrees in education and Biblical studies, Ron Lundquist accepted the invitation to be an adjunct professor and co-developed Regent University's first graduate course on character development for Christian educators. Ron and his wife, Gretchen, have raised three wholehearted children and now live in Colorado, where Ron is a published photographer, enjoys sports, and is an avid outdoorsman.

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