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Scriptures to Biblical Prosperity and Success.

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Herrera Jr., Rigoberto (Author)
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I want to show christians it's ok to dre more ...
I want to show christians it's ok to dream big. To have peace and prosperity. And most important I want to show them thru the word of God.I picked scriptures that talk about abundance, prosperity, wealth, success, a wife and I picked scriptures that talked about christian characters one needs to be blessed like honesty, forgiveness, wisdom, faith, courage, hard worker, trusting God, imagination, obedience, and love. I am a 70 year old Mexican American. I was born in Los Angelos, California on November 15,1952. I've been a Christian now for about 33 yrs as of today 12/15/2022. Me and my wife Jeannine are buying our house and we have a new f-150 truck but I believe we live in poverty according U.S. standards. In 2020 we decided we are going to work our way out of poverty. In 2021 God gave me an idea to write this book. I've never written a book before in my life. I believe we all have gifts, talents, and strengths inside of us all that we don't know we have. But we have to be obedient as to what God tells us and step out of the boat. God's plans for us are better than our plans.
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