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CIRCUMCISION AND BAPTISM: Examining These Practices of the Christian Church

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Harness, Mel (Author)
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In this book, the author examines two hi more ...
In this book, the author examines two historic practices of the Christian church that overlapped in the first century, circumcision and water baptism. By understanding that circumcision, which began with Abraham, ceased to be a requirement after Jesus' crucifixion, clarity can be gained on how water baptism also is no longer a holy requisite after the initiation of the new covenant. Additionally, you will see how water baptism has its roots in the ancient rite of purification. Baptism with water has continued as a universal tradition in the Christian church for two thousand years being considered an important or essential ordinance in all denominations. While some hold that water baptism washes away sin, others believe it is an important first step after someone becomes a follower of Christ. But is water baptism even to be a practice for today? This book is not just a look at the debate over the importance of circumcision or baptism in the early church but asks if both practices were necessary and intended to be continued under the new covenant initiated by Christ. If you have had questions about ritual customs or traditions of the church, maybe it's time for you to have a fresh look. Mel Harness and his wife Darla have served churches for forty years with their teaching and encouragement of God's saints. They enjoy a large family and gardening in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. You can learn more about Mel's books at
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