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Journey to My Father's Palace

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Sengezer, Susan E. (Author)
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Abuse / General
  • RELIGION / Christian Life / Relationships
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Xulon Press
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Susan's Memoir of a life as an abused wo more ...
Susan's Memoir of a life as an abused woman gives light into a misunderstood subject. Why she stayed, where she got stuck, when she finally leaves. Susan a survivor of four difficult marriages; challenged herself to write about personal, dark areas of her life. Details unashamedly revisited to set others free from broken love, domestic and sexual abuse. Life's Ultimate Betrayal's and near death experiences. Removing the chains from her life forever so she is free to live in forgiveness and help restore women who just, like her, were broken. Exposing the demons and root causes and leaving you, the reader to choose to stay on the right path that the Father, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth has designed for us all. Seek Him to stay in alignment with His purpose for your life. Susan Sengezer, author of 3 books all extraordinaire reads; bestselling author and memoirist willing to bear it all for this cause against domestic violence and sexual abuse of women and children. Susan brings out of the darkness and exposes secrets of being molested and abused as a young girl. Susan triumphs today a Minister for God proclaiming Jesus Christ to the world as a emergency room nurse, humanitarian and missionary, evangelist, and prophetic seer; providing prayer, offering God's healing, mentoring, public and private speaker, or a blend of them all! Susan's creative talents have led her to be instrumental in owning and operating several businesses in her life; patented inventor as well as starting a charity for the homeless on the streets of Skid Row in Los Angeles, California. Susan works hard to get the job done right. She is an example to many women and instrumental in helping Los Angeles' #1 charity fighting domestic violence, Safe Passage, a DBA of Women Crowned In Glory, Inc. founded in 2000 by Trish Steele.
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