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Xlena, (Author)
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  • RELIGION / General
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This book is written on behalf of wha more ...

This book is written on behalf of what I’ve going through. In and out of my life that’s been put ahead of my calling from God to open the blind eyes. This is written from my past through my future. This knowledge I’ve obtained to walk out God’s status and commandments. To bring the glory of God promise to the nations. This wisdom that I’ve encountered from the Almighty God has given me insight and revelation  to do his will. This brought me into his likeness. My first vision I encountered was the vision of Jesus Christ eyes in the clouds. The second vision came about when I was on my way to pay my light bill. There in the sky appeared the biggest Angel I’ve ever seen. This angel stood 18 ft. tall with six wings. It stood over this river. God said read (Isaiah chapter 6:1-3). The third dream I was in a deep sleep and through this dream I had two wings like an eagle with a halo over my head. Through this powerful dream, I was caught up into heaven. The Lord has given me wisdom, understanding, knowledge and revelation. This was inspired by the men of today who are call God’s prophets. The prophets are Bishop Clarence McClendon and the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. They have prophesized the scripture (Revelation 12:1-17) this little scroll as it is written in (Ezekiel chapter 1:4) Foretold by biblical truth, written under the knowledge and scripture from the book of (Habakkuk chapter 2:1-3). Salena Shelley, is a Visionary beyond the supernatural, under the grace of God promise. Out her life God has shown her so many signs and wonder, (such as) the deep things from the beginning to the ending of God biblical truth, to walk in God  calling, this book is written according to God’s purposes from the book of (Habakkuk chapter 2 versus 1-3) which said write the vision and make it plain.

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