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Zoe Pencarrow and the Falling Star

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Robertson, Dan (Author)
RELIGION / General
Salem Publishing Solutions
Xulon Press
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"The falling star spat and hissed as it more ...
"The falling star spat and hissed as it fell. The noise increased to a roar as it approached the earth. It was deafening. Not a soul around the camp fire stirred. The earth shook violently as the falling star and the stars that had been caught up in its train smashed into the ground. One of the girls turned over in her sleeping bag and muttered something about a "bad dream," rolled over, and went back to sleep. Her snoring was the only sound to be heard. All of creation was momentarily silent, holding its breath, and waiting..." Explosive action and awesome glory accompany Zoe as she is thrust into her third heavenly adventure. Equipped with a mighty weapon in the Valley of Eagles, Zoe must reach the top of the Golden Tower. But every level is fraught with danger and evil. How can she overcome the wicked queen building the tower to reach the stars? Dan Robertson's heart is to see a generation of children ignited with passion to be radical lovers of Jesus. The seven books in the Zoe Pencarrow series are part of Dan's journey to inspire and awaken the hearts of children and adults alike to God's amazing love, so they take hold of their destiny and become all that they are called to be. Dan also works in the marketplace, and is involved in issues of social justice. Reviews from Book 2-Zoe Pencarrow and the Golden Cage: "Wow! This is an amazing made me want to dive deeper and find out more about our great God! It made me really want to meet Jesus like she did." Bethany, 11 years old, Wales " paced... hard hitting and yet full of the compassion, power and wonder of God's love and purpose." Sarah, Work psychologist, UK
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