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The Little Cross In My Pocket

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Gregory Sr, E. Wade (Author)
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WHAT IS IN YOUR POCKET? It is no se more ...
WHAT IS IN YOUR POCKET? It is no secret that there is a "Silent Majority" in America who are reluctant to share or act on their personal beliefs. Even many people say they are more afraid of public speaking than death. While we all have the "right to remain silent," Jesus, however, has commanded His disciples to love others, as He has loved them and share the Gospel Story of love and grace. This means at times, sharing one's own personal witness of their faith and what the Lord has and is doing in their own lives. This is not "A Disciple Book For Dummies," or considered "politically correct" by our present culture standards, but pages filled with encouragement for Christians to be faithful servant/witnesses and cheerleaders. When Jesus is truly the "Lord of our Christian life," His disciples will grow and mature in the Faith and be able to engage others through a personal ministry with boldness but yet gentleness to win them for the glory of the Lord. "WE WITNESS IN TWO WAYS; BY LIFE AND WORD....GOD'S PURPOSE... AFTER WE HAVE BEEN CONVERTED IS THAT WE BE WITNESSES TO HIS SAVING GRACE AND POWER." Billy Graham (Talks to Teenagers, Wheaton Miracle Books) In "The Little Cross In My Pocket," pastor and author, E. Wade Gregory and his wife and ministry partner, Onda, share their life of being servant/witnesses for over fifty years. The little pocket cross which says, "God Loves You," has been shared over hundreds of times with people from all walks of life, including even criminals. Amazingly, the responses were mostly positive and often miraculous. From Wade's long career journey from trading in his badge and gun for the Cross and the Bible, both he and Onda learned that an opportunity to share God's love often came out of the blue and right to the front door. This book is a series of true stories that is a reminder of the call the Lord Jesus has placed on the hearts of those wishing to be His faithful servants. Retired pastor and author, E. Wade Gregory and his wife, Onda, share their life of discipleship and ministry for over fifty years. Wade was called to pastoral ministry after a long career in the criminal justice system, first as a police officer and then as a juvenile parole agent working with delinquent youth. He was also a certified social worker who after almost fifteen years, traded his gun and badge for Calvary's cross and the Bible. He also served as a chaplain and an EMT. Wade and Onda still continue their personal, team ministry to this day sharing God's Love and a little pocket cross which says, "God Loves You!" You can contact Wade and Onda at
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