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Then Heaven [New Creation (creatio nova)]: The Apocalyptic Eschatological Final War; A Look Into the Thoughts of Man

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Chambers-Dixon, Nordia A. (Author)
  • RELIGION / Christian Theology / General
  • RELIGION / Christian Theology / Eschatology
  • RELIGION / Biblical Studies / History & Culture
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Then Heaven [New Creation (creatio nova) more ...
Then Heaven [New Creation (creatio nova)]: The Apocalyptic Eschatological Final War Has the imminent return of Jesus Christ ever crossed your mind? Do you ever think of the end-times and what that means for the world? Have you ever considered what this mean for humanity? In her book, Then Heaven [New Creation (creatio nova)]: The Apocalyptic Eschatological Final War, Nordia Chambers-Dixon enlightens us on these very topics, bringing us to a deeper comprehension of what was and what will be. The end of times is not a prevalent topic of discussion and may be daunting for some, but in this book Nordia A. Chambers-Dixon delves into various views from all walks of life. She also shares diverse perspectives on end-times from a wide array of experts. With the author, you will travel back in history to explore different concepts on what is believed of the end of times. Plus, do you wonder what will happen when Jesus does finally return? Is this something you deem will happen in your lifetime or your children's lifetime? Chambers-Dixon brings you back to when Jesus walked the earth and explores what He said of His return. She also presents in depth the accounts of Jesus and others throughout history to inform us all on His miraculous return. Then Heaven [New Creation (creatio nova)]: The Apocalyptic Eschatological Final War began as a thesis; however, Chambers-Dixon's discerning research expands into what you will read here. The idea for this book was conceived while the author was writing her first book and her ideas have come to fruition here. Her insights will illuminate you and bring you to a deeper understanding of these profound discussions. Get ready to be enlightened!
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