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The Word of Righteousness Baby

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Lullie, Jim (Author)
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I, as the author of this book, absolutel more ...
I, as the author of this book, absolutely hate religion. By religion I mean anything attached to the Bible itself. Religion attached to the Bible would be things like: "Do this, don't do that. Say this, don't say that. Wear this, don't wear that. Young man, your hair better not be touching your shoulders or you're going straight to hell. And young lady, you're dress better be past your ankles." The unfortunate thing about Christianity is that the whole unbelieving world is seeing Christianity through the eyes of religion. The Bible itself is inspired by God (2 Timothy 3:16). Anything outside of the Bible is nothing more than man made religion. In the small town that I live in, I get several religious people knocking on my door asking me: "Can we talk to you about Jesus?". I tell them NO then shut the door. Why? Because I already know that the only thing I will get from them about Christianity is the Name of Jesus, and everything after that will be about their church doctrines and traditions. Religion binds people, true Christianity doesn't. Please keep an open mind as you read this book. It's intended for freedom, not bondage.
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