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Zoe Pencarrow and The Lion's Roar

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Robertson, Dan (Author)
FICTION / Christian / Fantasy
Salem Publishing Solutions
Xulon Press
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"Quickly sister, inside," the voice of a more ...
"Quickly sister, inside," the voice of a woman said. Two hands reached out, grabbed the girls, and pulled them inside. At the same time there was an almighty roar like the sound of a thousand crashing waterfalls, as the Israelite army let rip a mighty shout. For a split second afterwards, there was silence. It was like the silence of eternity holding its breath, watching, waiting, expecting something awesome and terrible to happen. And then it did! The earth shook violently. The entire section of the wall of the house peeled off, like when you run a hot knife over butter. One moment it was there and the next it was gone. The walls of the city collapsed. With a thunderous roar they were flattened-slammed into the ground with such force, it was as if they had never been there. The waiting Israelite army surged into the city like a river bursting its banks in flood.   Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, has arisen, roaring at his enemies and declaring heaven's victory. He is calling-tenderly, passionately for his Beloved Bride, his Jerusalem. Join Zoe as she encounters the magnificence and glory of Jesus, and learns that she too is called to shine and overcome the darkness at the end of the age. Dan's heart is to see a passionate generation of children ignited to be radical lovers of Jesus. Children are hungry for truth and want to experience the reality of God for themselves-dreams, visions, angelic encounters, signs and wonders. The seven books in the Zoe Pencarrow series will inspire, awaken and release the hearts of children and adults to God's amazing love, encouraging them to take hold of their 'God destiny', and become the champions they are called to be. Dan is delightfully married, works in the marketplace and is involved in issues of social justice.
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